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METAXA Centenary

Ceramic handmade porcelain blue, 18K gold-plated drawings of ancient Greek inspiration
The “METAXA” centenary does not exist in others bottles. It was launched for celebrating 100 years of successful development (1888-1988). It is a unique collectors item, since production has stopped over a long time ago.

Its stylish design is based on ancient Greek tradition with 18K gold plated designs.
The gloriously dark, amber color contains Metaxa most exquisite and oldest distillates.

“METAXA” Grande Fine (NEW

The “METAXA” Grande Fine is the new generation . It recently circulated also in ceramic hand made porcelain white.
METAXA Grand Olympian Reserve (ORIGINAL EDITION)
Ceramic handmade white porcelain, copy of ancient Rhodish vase.
The ”METAXA” Grand Olympian Reserve (does not exist in other bottles) is a collectors item. Its distinctive bottle was inspired by traditional Greek designs originating from the island of Rhodes.
Within the bottle is a spirit whose distillates are on average many years old.